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Chris Mulcahy is a meteorologist on ABC12 News at noon and ABC12 First at Four

Chris Mulcahy was born in Boston, Massachusetts but has lived all over since. He lived in Colorado and Montana in his early years and that is where he gained his passion for weather. When he was 6 years old a severe thunderstorm truly fascinated him the day he first got his library card. The lightning filled storm with fierce gusty winds inspired him to take out his first library book, “Thunderstorms for Kids.” He graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelor of Science in Meteorology and a Minor in Communications and Mathematics.

From there he headed out to Sioux City, Iowa where he gained a lot of severe weather experience including a 5.5 hour severe weather cut in when 30 tornadoes rolled through the viewing area. Chris won an Emmy with ABC9 KCAU for Best Weekend Newscast covering the aftermath of this tornado outbreak. Before coming to ABC12, Chris worked in Dayton, Ohio for ABC22 and FOX45 as the Morning Meteorologist on their 4.5 hour morning show where he also was a part time feature reporter.

Chris in his spare time loves to play guitar and is also a songwriter. He’s written dozens of songs and has performed some of them for friends weddings and other festivals. Chris also has been writing rhyming children’s books including one that is being published called “Have You Ever Heard of a Dweazle?” Chris’ favorite thing to do is to make people smile and loves entertaining people. He hopes you join him at Noon and 4PM Monday through Friday for a few smiles and a dynamic accurate weather forecast.

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