23rd annual Soberfest brings day of fun, fellowship for recovering addicts

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FLINT (WJRT) - (7/16/17) - It was a day of fun and fellowship for recovering addicts and alcoholics in Flint with the 23rd annual Soberfest proving to be a success.

"It's a day that we show that we can have fun without the use of drugs and alcohol in our lives," said George Washington, a member of UAW Local 598.

Washington says the day long event started as just a picnic for those in recovery, but has since evolved into an event attracting all walks of life.

"I was stealing originally to supply my drug habit and jail saved my life," said Katrina B, who is about to celebrate 6 months sobriety Monday.

"Recovery is so worth it. It's not hard and it's not easy," she said.

Katrina says events like Soberfest are important to her and her fellow recovering addicts and alcoholics because of the same common bond - addiction.

"A lot of people thing that they're alone and this addiction - it's no joke and I feel as a community, the bigger we grow, the bigger we can attack it," she said.

Cheryl Dawson, with UAW Local 598 says events like this are not only important for those in recovery, but those who have witnessed those in active addiction.

"Maybe they're in rehab at some of the Odyssey Houses and stuff like that, so the children can come out and have some good clean fun.

"it's a blast. Having fun with all the kids around, here, getting my face painted, having fun with all my friends, playing softball - I couldn't ask for a better day," said volunteer Christian Rogers.

This year, organizers expect over 4,000 people to attend the day long event.

All proceeds benefit the M.O.S.T Group of UAW Local 598's Holiday Food Baskets program.

UAW Local 598 represents members at General Motors' Flint Assembly Plant.

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