$3.1 million upgrades nearing completion at CMU

MT. PLEASANT (WJRT) - (01/11/17) - After more than 25 years of wear and tear a Mid-Michigan university is making a major upgrade at a popular building.

The Student Activity Center, known as the SAC, has been undergoing renovations since July 2016.

Together, three projects inside the building total $3.1 million.

The bulk of the work is being done on the SAC pool.

From floor to ceiling, it's all new.

"Nothing looks the same, it doesn't feel the same. More importantly when people use it, we hope that they see new opportunities and new experiences," said Stan Shingles, assistant vice president of University Recreation.

Inside the pool is a raised area. At the push of a button, it can go up and down to change depths.

It's state of the art and so are all the important upgrades you won't see.

"It's like an engine to a vehicle. People look at the body and the tires, they don't look under the hood often. Well, under the hood had to be totally renovated," Shingles said.

Before swimmers even make it to the pool, they'll notice all new flooring on the first level of the SAC.

"You know 25 years later it was time. The look and feel is different, they're going to be cleaner because we put more sustainable products in," Shingles said.

The locker rooms are the final of three projects.

Inside there are new lockers, new flooring, better showers and several other upgrades.

Shingles also showed us the new gender neutral locker rooms. They are the first on campus.

"What of our values on campus is inclusion," Shingles said.

The windows to the pool have been covered up during the work so students haven't seen the upgrades yet.

But they can't wait to take a dip.

"Workout and then go swimming, get in the hot tub. It's supposed to be really nice," said Olivia Kirk, a freshman from Linden.

CMU hopes to have the pool open to students and other community members who use it on Jan. 23.

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