Arrests at Flint water town hall spark protest

FLINT (WJRT) - (04/21/2017) - A community conversation quickly turns dark, after at least four people are hauled off in handcuffs. It happened at a town hall meeting yesterday about Flint's water source.

Late last night, a group of people gathered to stand in solidarity with those behind bars.

Activist Melissa Mays says she's was there to support her friends, who she believes were wrongly carted off.

"Tonight was something that should have never happened," Mays said. "This is wrong, because all these Flint residents want answers. They do not want to be arrested, they do not want to be agitators."

Attorney Trachelle Young was also outside the police department. She believes the situation at the town hall meeting got out of hand.

"I think the passion got a little high and a little heated this evening," Young said. "But we're concerned about how that was handled and how they were dealt with and treated at the town hall meeting."

Young also got a chance to speak with those arrested. She says that while they're not in the best of spirits, they are pleased to know the have the support of friends and family.