Back to the Bricks cruises in to Genesee County Tuesday

GENESEE COUNTY (WJRT) - (08/16/16) - The first event of the 5 day Back to the Bricks rolling tour is the Bricks' flick Tuesday night at the U-S 23 drive-in. The Bricks' Flicks movie for 2016 is BULLITT, a 1968 dramatic thriller starring Steve McQueen.

This year's Back to the Bricks cruise route offers plenty to see, including one stop in particular that's brand new.

It's a first time Back to the Bricks destination. As part of its 100th anniversary celebration, Mott’s Applewood Estate iis welcoming in cruisers throughout the week for a tour of the Mott family home, and a look at some special Buicks and Corvairs.

"What a perfect connection for the audience that loves to look at cars, to come and see the history of how General Motors started." said Megan McAdow, Collections Manager for Ruth Mott Foundation

CS Mott was one of GM's founding partners and a board member for 60 years. Over that time, he owned several Corvairs.

"When he got out of that low coup with his chihuahua in his arm, it was a neat site to see." said McAdow.

Corvair parts were made in Flint with complete trucks and vans made at Flint Assembly, all with a quirky characteristic, the trunk in the front.

"The engine is in the rear, so it's a light front end, a really nice 6 cylinder motor in the back that just pushes you down the road." said Pete Cimbala, a Corvarir owner.

The irony of it all, TIME Magazine once ranked the Corvair as one of the 50 worst cars of all time. Which has become a badge of honor to many owners.

"You know it is, and we like to prove them wrong and we have. There's a lot of us still around and we've been driving this car for 50 years." said Cimbala.

"It's a family car. You can get 6 adults in there with no problem. When it came off the line, you could get 28 miles to the gallon with it." said Brian Granger, Corvair owner.
With the help of the M-T-A, the Ruth Mott Foundation will be providing free shuttle service this weekend from downtown Flint over to Applewood.

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