Back to the Bricks promo tour a huge economic boost for communities

EAST TAWAS (WJRT) - (6/15/2016) - Over the past six days the Back to the Bricks friendship tour has been criss-crossing the state, spreading the word about Flint's big event.

The group made its final stop today in Birch Run at the Expo center.

The tour doesn't just promote Back to the Bricks, but it's also helping the communities along the route.

The Tawas area was one of the stops on the Friendship tour.

The group pumps in thousands of dollars into many communities bottom line.

During the East Tawas stop, the group filled every hotel in the area.

Organizers estimated close to 400 people traveled on the tour. Those people were spending the night in hotels, eating in restaurants, and shopping in the downtown districts.

The Back to the Bricks' next big event is later this summer in August.

However, planning for promo tour for next year has already started.

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