Bay City clearing roads to prevent future problems

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BAY CITY, Mich. (WJRT) - (1/10/17) - Crews have been out since 1 a.m. Tuesday morning, trying to clear the roads in Bay City; but, the rain and wind are making the job even more difficult.

"Truck in front of me shoves it from the center line over into the right lane and I push it close to the curb as I can get it ," explained crew member Brian King.

Bay City's Public Works Department has 12 to 15 trucks out working to prevent future problems as the temperatures fluctuate.

"If we can keep these gutter pans from freezing up, it will keep the water from pooling in the intersections and give us adequate drainage," King said.

But they can't do that if your car is in the way, so you're asked to put it in your driveway or a neighbor's driveway. Crews tell ABC12 News these conditions are already making the job hard enough.

"When the wind is blowing, ya got stuff flying all over the place. You gotta have your head on a swivel and be mindful of your surroundings or somebody's gonna get hurt or worse," he explained.

Plus, Director William Bohlen added pushing this slush actually requires the trucks to go a little bit faster.

"So people get really irate sometimes over garbage cans getting knocked over and the slush ends up on their sidewalk instead of just on the grass area and so on; but, we can't avoid it. We need to get that moved off the roads," Bohlen said.

And if the excess snow does make it onto your property ...

"Please don't deposit snow back into the street after we plowed it. There's actually a city ordinance that says you're not allowed to do that," Bohlen noted.

Crews will be out until 8 a.m. Wednesday morning, trying to make sure that it is a clear commute for you.

And if you do see the trucks out on the road, make sure that you give them enough room.

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