Cher speaks at Flint Democratic HQ, hands out water to residents

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FLINT (WJRT) - (10/31/16) - Lots of celebrities have been hitting the presidential campaign trail - Monday that included Cher. The music icon has been a long-time supporter of Hillary Clinton - and Monday she brought that love to Flint's Democratic Headquarters.

"In my deepest heart I believe that a president Clinton will give us an opportunity in the future and I hope that you will get out and vote,” she said.

Speaking to the crowd, Cher said Donald Trump is racist and has no empathy. For Trump’s supporters she had kinder words.

"They’ve lost their homes or they've lost their jobs or they've lost their cars or they've lost their families. But you cannot demonize them because they follow him because somehow they feel he's going to give them what they want,” she said.

Cher was one of the first celebrities to speak out about Flint's water crisis - and donate more than 180 thousand bottles of water. She told the crowd she’s still here for Flint.

"What happens is everything is happening and people's lives are happening and they forget about you. And they cannot forget about you. This city cannot be forgotten about,” she said.

"And it's good she came and we need to keep this situation up because it is bad,” said Donald Harris from Flint, watching Cher speak.

"She’s outspoken and she's very political, she's very democrat. And it's awesome she's putting her foot where her mouth is. She's not putting her foot in her mouth, she's putting it up front and saying I believe this, I support this,” said Dorothy Williams, who traveled from Lansing to see Cher.

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