Condo project starts in Fenton

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FENTON (WJRT) - (10/20/16) - A housing boom is hitting portions of Mid-Michigan. Some developers say demand for new homes and condos is very strong.

In Fenton, construction of 68 new condos has begun.

The contractor says interest in the project has been better than he could have hoped.

"I'm getting a wire for a deposit from Paris, France. The phone is exploding on how many people are looking for condos in Fenton. I think it's the Baby Boomer, their time to downsize,” said Rick Stokes, Building Junkies president.

Eagle at the Waters Edge is being built just east of downtown Fenton. They'll be located near an existing condo development. Excavation of the basements has begun.

These will be two-bedroom condos with prices that start at $210,000.

People should be able to move in to the first phase by March. Because there's been such strong interest, the general manager of Building Junkies says they're looking for experienced workers.

Other contractors say because the building industry is so cyclical, many who made a living in construction before the Great Recession of 2008 have moved on to other occupations, but with the economy improving, it's getting harder to find experienced construction workers.

The Fenton area has seen a number of construction projects announced in recent months.

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