Flint Police address fears of missing women reports

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FLINT, Mich. (WJRT) - (09/12/17) - It's been stated on social media up to 40 women are missing, but Flint Police Detective Tyrone Booth says it's not clear where that number came from.

Because, right now, he says they only have 4 reports of missing women in the City of Flint.

And yes, it's possible all four were in the area of Fenton and Atherton Roads on the City's south side, but Detective Booth says that's the only piece connecting their cases.

Police do not believe these woman have been killed.

"We investigate them as if with the belief that they are living and until we prove otherwise, we actively move forward, hoping to find them and find out the reasons why they're missing," Detective Booth explained.

He says from previous missing persons investigations, they've found people choose to be missing or they've moved. Two other open cases were closed Monday, after one person was found in prison in another state and another admitted to police they chose to run away.

The concern over the high number of missing women and the Department's surveillance of social media actually prompted a meeting Tuesday between area law enforcement agencies. They met to clarify statistics and determine what more resources they needed to be utilizing.

Families have mentioned some of these women have a history of drug use, which has police even more concerned for their safety.

"Certain places are known for certain types of activity at times of the day; and because of that, it's just good to be aware of your surrounding and aware of where you are and who you're with," Detective Booth said.

He added that there's no need to be scared, but always remain vigilant. And says, if you have any information on the reported individuals be sure to call police.

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