Flint neighbors find disappointing surprise waiting in their mailboxes

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FLINT (WJRT) - (12/20/16) - Some homeowners in Flint are getting something in the mail they didn't expect just in time for Christmas. Instead of Christmas cards, they're getting bills from the city of Flint that say they owe hundreds of dollars in overdue water bills.

A few weeks ago, the city of Flint began to put pressure on commercial property owners who owed thousands of dollars in overdue water bills. Now, bills from City Hall are arriving at homes that say 'it's time to pay up'.

While the bill that Will Robinson received says he owes nearly $1,200 on his water account, the city wants him to pay about $202 to start to whittle away at the overdue amount.

The bill says it has to be paid by Wednesday, but the city has offered a five day grace period. Shut offs could start in January.

Ideally, City Hall wants 10 percent of the overdue amount and payment of the December bill. The city is cracking down because the state is putting pressure on the city.

The state is offering a 65 percent credit on water bills, but the city must increase its collection rate to 70 percent or better in order to continue to get that financial boost from the state.

The city says the names of a few agencies that can help you pay down the overdue bill are on a letter that arrived with the bill.

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