Flint residents go to court to force city to deliver bottled water

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FLINT (WJRT) - (12/21/16) - People in Flint going to court to force the city to act.

Back in November, a federal judge ordered Flint and the state of Michigan to start delivering bottled water to people affected by the water emergency.

It still hasn't happened.

The state has made a number of appeals, but lost every one of them.

So now, the group behind the lawsuit is saying the State has to go forward with what U.S. District Judge David Lawson ordered in November.

Their emergency motion is pushing for Lawson to force the state and City of Flint to come up with a plan for water delivery by noon this Friday.

If that happens, people in Flint will receive a delivery of four cases of bottled water per person to their homes.

It’s a move activist Melissa Mays says is long overdue.

"I feel like I'm getting dumber. I feel like common sense and compassion and, you know, fixing what you broke - the common things you're brought up to learn as a child. You know, if you break something you buy it, you fix it - just tossed out the window when it comes to the state government. So people are getting left out like they have been for going on three years of this poison water crisis,” she said.

For now, everyone would receive a bottled water delivery until the State canvasses each home to determine if they have a properly maintained and well-working filter, but households can opt out.

The process of delivering water to the 30,000 homes in Flint is expected to bring 150 jobs to the area.

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