Day 3 of Back to the Bricks roars through Flint

FLINT (WJRT) (08/19/16) - ABC12 has complete team coverage of all the festivities with Angie Hendershot and Matt Franklin in downtown Flint, Jessica Dupnack at the site of Friday night's concert, and Marc Jacobson out along the route of cruise.
If you've been cruising up and down the bricks this week, they've been hard not to notice. The Corvettes are out in full force and we're talking hundreds of them. And they've all made their way into Flint for a very special gathering.

It's hands down, the largest gathering of Corvettes in Michigan, and possibly even the Midwest.

(57:50 Gary Drago/Chairman, Corvette Reunion) "We've got cars coming from all over the country. From Washington, Texas, and back east." said Gary Drago, Chairman of the Corvette Reunion.

In fact more than 600 Corvettes have cruised into Flint for the 7th annual Corvette Reunion and competition at Back to the Bricks.

"These cars are spectacular. You will not find finer cars anywhere in the world than these cars that are being judged." said Drago

This weekend's reunion features a Corvette heritage collection. The hope is that every year, make and model will be represented.

"The special thing about Corvettes to us in Flint, Michigan is that the Corvette was born here." said Drago

Bud Russell happens to own one of the guests of honor.

(Bud Russell/Corvette Owner 1:06) "it's a 1966 Corvette, 50 years old and I'm just celebrating a birthday for it....I've had it for about 30 years.” said Bud Russell, Corvette owner.

And make no doubt about it, Corvette owners like to show off their wheels. Color choice is everything...

"Super sonic blue, there's very few of these and it gets a lot of looks, and I just love it." said Joe Hampton, Corvette Owner "It's a flashy car, and it's designed to be a flashy car. Corvette makes flashy."

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