Davison High School's student Flint water documentary heading to Traverse City Film Festival

DAVISON (WJRT) - (07/17/17) - It was the inbox message that caught students and staff in Davison High School's television department off guard.

"I'm sitting at home. It's July. I get an e-mail. What? They want to put us in the Traverse City Film Festival? I thought that was really cool," said DTV and Davison High School instructor Randy Scott.

Nearly two years after its debut, DTV's documentary on the Flint Water Crisis, "Undrinakable," continues to attract attention. Already with several hundred thousand online views, "Undrinkable" will hit the big screen at the Traverse City Film Festival on July 28.

"There will be three Flint films playing that day, and then the kids are going to be sitting on a panel, answering questions from people about making the film, all that kind of stuff," Scott said.

Making the selection even more surprising, the fact that these student journalists never actually submitted their work for consideration.

"They must have seen this and said, 'We need to put this in our film festival, people need to watch this.' That's a really good feeling that they were watching it before we even sent it out to them," said student Jordyn Bruns.

The festival is organized by filmmaker Michael Moore, a Davison High School graduate.

"When he saw it and Tweeted it out, it started to gain momentum. When he said, 'Hey, kids from my high school have done this awesome video, check it out,' that's when it started to climb and climb and climb. Now he's asking us to be in his film festival, it's an honor," Scott said.

An honor that came out of hours upon hours spent covering rallies, forums and press conferences, while also getting to know Flint residents affected by the water emergency firsthand.

"It was a lot of hard work, but it was so rewarding because so many people learned about something that's so tragic that's still happening," Bruns said.

As the Flint Water Crisis continues to carry on, you can look for more coverage from the DTV students as the new school year begins.

"We're sticking with this. We're not letting it go. We'll continue to cover this as long as it's still a thing, and hopefully that's not much longer," Scott said.

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