Man charged in death of 5-year-old son dies before trial

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BRANT TOWNSHIP (WJRT) (9/12/2017) - Ryan Williamson, who was one of three people charged after his 5-year-old was hit and killed, died before the case went to trial on Tuesday.

Ryan Williamson

Williamson, who was driving the SUV that hit and killed 5-year-old Blaze, was facing two felony charges -- including drunken driving -- and was scheduled to stand trial on Tuesday. However, he died sometime earlier, although authorities aren't saying exactly when.

The accident in question happened on March 31 on Chapin Road in southern Saginaw County. Williamson was backing out of his driveway when he hit and killed Blaze.

"Everybody's lives change dramatically after that day, early this summer when the son was run over and killed and dragged into the street," said Saginaw County Sheriff Bill Federspiel.

He said Williamson, who was free on bond, died in Ingham County. An autopsy has been conducted, but Federspiel is waiting for the results to learn how Williamson died. Investigators don't believe foul play was involved.

Williamson fell ill during a court hearing on June 5.

"He had a seizure while in a court proceeding here in Saginaw County," Federspiel said.

Williamson's wife, Dee Dee, and his friend, Darien Almashy, both pleaded guilty to charge of lying to police in court on Tuesday. Federspiel said the two tried to cover-up Ryan Williamson's involvement in his son's death by telling police it was Almashy who was driving the SUV that ran over the child.

"Terrible set of circumstances all caused by bad decisions to drive while under the influence of alcohol," Federspiel said.

Dee Dee Williamson and Darien Almashy will be sentenced at a later date.

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