City repairs hole in sidewalk caused by pipe replacement

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FLINT (WJRT) - (10/06/17) - A Flint man who was concerned about the hole left by a pipe replacement says the city came to his elderly mother's home to fix it this week.

John Halford says workers returned to the home on East Newall Street one day after ABC12 aired the initial story. He was not happy that upon their return they seemed to make the hole worse.

He says repairs were made Wednesday, Oct. 4.

His 83-year-old mother is back home after being away on vacation. Even though there are some other issues in his neighborhood, he's happy to put this one to rest.

(09/13/17) - Flint is more than halfway to its goal of replacing lead-tainted pipes at 6,000 homes in Flint this year, but some residents are complaining of how their sidewalks and yards are left after contractors leave.

An 83-year-old Flint woman's sidewalk was left in disrepair once contractors came to replace the pipes. Her son says he's not only concerned for her safety but also the safety of his nieces and nephews.

"They came out to replace the water line, the lead line, but once they replaced the lead line, the guy told me it was in the wrong spot. They had to move it back," John Halford said.

Halford says it's been two and a half months.

"We haven't gotten an answer yet to these numbers, cause they've been getting the runaround, so that's why I called y'all to come out to get some action," Halford said.

His elderly mother lives on East Newall Street in the city. He's thankful she's out of town on vacation and doesn't have to deal with the torn up sidewalk and driveway.

A spokesperson for the city says there are a number of projects going on simultaneously and progress is being made, but it is taking workers longer than desired to get back around to complete the street repairs once the pipes have been replaced.

That's not John's only issue. A recently replaced shutoff valve on the corner of Newall Street is covered with sand. He says it's just another hazard.

"She comes in and out and she -- we can't get in and out of the driveway for her to get in the car. And I have great nephews -- two or three great nephews and I've got some nieces, and I need to get this fixed because I don't want them to get hurt," Halford said.

The spokesperson says it's the water valve that's made final repairs here more complicated but the city is aware of the issue and says they're working to resolve it ASAP.

John's mom returns from vacation in about a month. He's hoping that this will be completed by then.

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