Man grabs woman from behind outside Flushing laundry business

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(10/12/2017) - UPDATE: Police made contact with the suspect and criminal charges were pending on Thursday.

(10/11/2017) - A Flushing woman says she was violated by a man who grabbed her backside unexpectedly.

Police released surveillance video from outside the laundromat where it happened on Seymour Road and Main Street.

No one at the laundromat had ever seen him before. Police hope someone at home may recognize him from the video.

A man enters the facility around 8:50 p.m. on Oct. 7. He looks around for a minute, doesn't talk to the two people inside, then heads out of the building.

Minutes later he walks up outside the front entrance then unexpectedly and unprompted appears to grab or hit the woman on her rear end.

The woman, who was on break as a laundromat attendant, was upset and called the police about 15 minutes later.

"She wants to know what this guy was thinking. Why did he do this? She just wants to make the public aware that there's someone out there that's doing this," Det. Scott Matzke said. "People just need to be aware what's in their surroundings, be alert."

The woman and police now have concerns that this could possibly happen again. Police say the man could be facing a criminal sexual conduct offense.

"That's the thing that's scary is that we don't know what his intent was," Matzke explained. "If it was going to be something more serious or if it was a joke. We have no idea what his intent was. He's a white male, early 20s, stockier build, approximately 5'8"-5'9" - reddish hair."

This is the first time something like this had been reported to police from this particular location. Again, if you know anything, give Flushing police a call.

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