Dominick's Warriors in Lansing fighting for child abuse registry in Michigan

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ARGENTINE TOWNSHIP (WJRT) - UPDATE (04/20/17) - Dominick's Warriors were in Lansing marching to gain support for a statewide child abuse registry.

Seven years ago this month Dominick Calhoun was beaten and tortured for days inside of an Argentine Township apartment. His mother and her boyfriend are currently serving time for his murder.

Out of his death was born the group Dominick's Warriors. They fought and won for harsher punishments against child abusers in Michigan.

Now, they're pushing Wyatt's Law to develop a child abuse registry to make it easy to see if someone has been convicted of child abuse.

Wyatt's law is inspired by the story of Erica Hammel and her son who was violently shaken as an infant by her ex-husband's girlfriend. The woman had apparently done the same thing to two other babies.

Hammel says a registry could prevent this kind of abuse from happening to other children.

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(04/12/17) - Seven years ago, a toddler beaten and tortured for four days was taken off life support.

Dominick Calhoun was in the care of his mother, Corrine Baker, and her boyfriend, Patrick Hayes, who are in prison for his murder. His death sent shock waves across the state.

He was beaten, kicked and poked in the eye over the course of four days inside of an Argentine Township apartment after Hayes became enraged that the child had an accident on his couch.

It was too late when someone finally called 911.

With the help of advocates like family friend Cheryl Scott, 'Dominick's Law' was created to make harsher punishment for child abusers.

The group 'Dominick's Warriors' are now trying to pass legislation to create a child abuse registry.

"It will give people a place to go to see if their boyfriend, girlfriend or significant other has ever been convicted of a child abuse," Scott said.

Scott was in Washington, D.C. last week at a rally telling Dominick's story. She was one of the people behind an Adopt-A-Highway sign on U.S. 23 north of Torrey Road in honor of the toddler.

Thursday, April 20, Scott and dozens of others will be rallying in Lansing for a statewide child abuse registry.

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