Meth Houses: A Hidden Hazard

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(WJRT) - (05/17/17) - How much do you know about the house your sitting in right now? Hundreds of people here in Mid Michigan are living in homes previously used for cooking meth.

There is a nationwide database through Drug Enforcement Agency with all the addresses in question sorted by county.

The danger is that once the drug raids are over and hazardous materials used to cook methamphetamine is removed - the danger still lingers.

"People that are cooking meth don't take of their remnants. A lot of times those houses aren't cleaned up properly. The new people are potentially walking into a house that is contaminated," said Lt. Pat Richard with Flint Area Narcotics Group.

It's often times up to them to the former owners or landlords to do major cleanup to make it safe again.

It might not be a question you ever thought to ask before you buy or rent but you might want to start.

To find out where former meth labs are located click the link attached to this story.

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