UPDATE: Michael Moore arrives in Flint for get out the vote rally, film screening

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FLINT (WJRT) - (11/07/16) - Moore has recently been an outspoken supporter of Hillary Clinton - but, at Monday's rally he spoke to ABC12 about a different focus.

He wants everyone to get to the polls Tuesday, no matter which candidate you choose and every audience member we spoke with at the rally agreed on the importance of voting.

"I've been talking to a lot of people. You know, where I work, people that I encounter, at the store, anywhere," said voter Angela Rojas-Dedenbach.

A number of voters gathered Monday night, hoping to gain momentum to get out the vote on Election Day.

Fellow voter, John Frederick added, "Every vote counts! Yes, my vote does make a big difference."

Frederick will be pushing that message Tuesday as he makes his way through Flint neighborhoods, encouraging the community to get to the polls.

"Because it is important," Frederick said. "And, we need all of the citizens to exercise their right. Individuals have died to have this opportunity to vote. And they must vote, regardless of who's running, but they must vote."

Because, well, it's simple.

"Why would you want someone else to pick the decision and if it was the wrong decision that you didn't want?" asked 11-year-old Meredith Knight.

She can't vote, but hopes you will for her.

"It could effect the children because there could be different ways of how were gonna grow up with how they're gonna do the government," she said.

So Michael Moore says, for the future of our country, do more than just vote.

"You have to wake up the next day and become citizens that are participating in the system," Moore said. "Otherwise, the politicians are just gonna go do their thing. So, if we're not active and involved after the election, then we end up four years later going what was that all about? Well, its because we didn't pay attention, we didn't get involved."

(11/06/16) - Mid-Michigan native and Oscar-winning filmmaker Michael Moore has just announced a stop in Flint ahead of Tuesday's election.

He'll hold a get out the vote rally and host a screening of his new film "Michael Moore in TrumpLand" at The Whiting on Monday.

Reverend Jesse Jackson and Congressman Dan Kildee will join him.

Below is the news release about his event:

With a tightened race now seeming to come down to the battleground state of Michigan, Oscar-winning filmmaker and Flint-native Michael Moore has announced he will hold a "raucous, impassioned" election eve rally and free screening of his new film "Michael Moore In TrumpLand" at Flint's Whiting Auditorium on Monday evening.

"The fact that Donald Trump is within striking distance of winning the state of Michigan is a wake-up call to all decent people," said Moore, a prominent Bernie Sanders supporter who has been an outspoken Clinton backer in the general election. "We must have a significant turnout on Tuesday for Hillary in order to repudiate the hate from the Trump campaign and move Flint and the country forward."

Moore, who has historically held gala premiers and screenings of each of his films at The Whiting, is hosting this screening of his latest documentary as part of a "get out the vote" effort in Michigan that on Monday will see Hillary Clinton visiting Grand Rapids, Bill Clinton speaking in Lansing and President Obama appearing at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Trump has also announced he will close out his campaign tomorrow night in Michigan.

Moore, in addition to showing his 73-minute film on the big screen at The Whiting, will also speak, as will a number of other invited guests. Moore says there many even be "a little surprise" at the event. In the past, those little surprises have included Moore bringing on the stage Jesse Jackson, Roseanne Barr, Phil Donahue and members of Rage Against the Machine.

"Michael Moore In TrumpLand" is a surprise new film that Moore made over 12 days in Ohio just last month. It immediately shot to #1 on iTunes nationwide and has remained there. Theatrically it is playing in 61 cities and set the all-time opening day box office record at its premiere theater in New York City. It holds the largest opening weekend per-screen average of any documentary in North America for 2016.

The film covers Moore performing a one-man show he wrote for the people in the Republican-dominated town of Wilmington, Ohio. Critics have called it one of his best and the New Yorker magazine called it "majectic."

The Whiting rally will begin at 7pm on Monday and is free and open to the public. Tickets will be handed out beginning at 11am Monday morning at the Whiting box office.

"I hope to see a few thousand people in Flint show up," said Moore. "No city in America knows better what happens when Republican policies are set in motion to harm people. Hillary was the first candidate to come to Flint and speak out against the disastrous decisions that were made which poisoned the city's water supply. She has repeatedly made it clear that Flint and its people will be at the top of her agenda."

Congressman Dan Kildee will also speak at the event.

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