Midland school threats concern parents

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MIDLAND (WJRT) - (05/18/17) - A Midland middle school student has been suspended for making a threat and that prompted more threats and most likely, more suspensions.

School leaders say the spoken threat was directed at a few students at Northeast Middle School in Midland this week.

Parents say the student has been suspended, but now his friends are in trouble, too. Apparently, those friends of that student weren't happy with the suspension, so they took their displeasure to social media, which of course, a lot of people can see.

Tessi Orvis has a granddaughter that goes to Northeast Middle School in Midland and she has heard about the threat a student made to other students on Tuesday.

“It’s pretty scary,” she said. “One, two, three, four, gave four numbers, gave four kids numbers, little girl says, ‘Why did you give me a number?’ ‘Well, I'm going to shoot you, too.’”

Parents say the student was suspended for 10 days, but police were back at the school Thursday after social media posts from friends of the boy.

“He got a 10 day suspension, and the kids think, ‘Oh, he was just joking, it was a just a joke, he shouldn't have been suspended.’ Now they are retaliating,” Orvis said.

Midland Schools Superintendent Michael Sharrow says police were called to the school Thursday and three to four students were taken out of the building. The district's youth intervention specialist and Community Mental Health are helping with the situation. He says the threat issues have been resolved and security at the school is adequate.

Orvis was in Mt. Pleasant when her daughter called, concerned about the situation.

“I just wanted to make sure everything is clear, give my daughter peace of mind because she is at work and she is all stressed out,” she said.

Orvis believes the school district has been slow to inform parents about the original threat, and Thursday’s developments.

“I think parents should have gotten letters, I think parents should have called, everyone is finding out on social media what is going on, on top of it,” she said.

The superintendent cannot confirm what kind of discipline will take place for all the students involved, and he believes the district got the information out about the original threat in an email to families as soon as it was possible.

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