Mother wants healthier choices at Meijer check-out aisles

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BATH TOWNSHIP (WJRT) - (12/30/16) - A Mid-Michigan woman wants a supermarket chain to get rid of junk food and candy in the checkout lanes, and she wants more family-friendly reading material available.

Jane Kramer lives in Clinton County and is concerned about what children are tempted by as they walk through the checkout aisles. She started a petition drive to ask Meijer to make healthier choices available. She really likes Meijer, but thinks they need to change their ways.

"I can find all the products I want, there are lots of healthy products to choose from, but when I get to checkout, that nice experience comes to a screeching halt because I don't buy anything at checkout now because I don't eat junk food. So I would like some options, some healthy options that I can actually buy," Kramer said.

We called a Meijer communications manager about the petition drive and did not hear back, but he told the Lansing State Journal that Meijer works hard to appeal to millions of customers who come through the doors.

Not only does Kramer want the junk food removed, but also the magazines with the racy and gossipy headlines. She would like to see more uplifting reading material and possibly books for children.

Kramer says the nation is fighting an obesity epidemic and Meijer should be willing to do its part to help customers live healthier lives.

She says another supermarket chain has pulled its junk food from checkout. Kramer posted her petition at on Dec. 10 and so far 385 people have signed the petition.

"I'm very optimistic that they will respond in a positive way. If they don't, I'll be disappointed and it will say a lot about what kind of company they are, but their whole mission statement is about being family-friendly," Kramer said.

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