Interesting 24 hours of weather in Mid-Michigan

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MID-MICHIGAN (WJRT) - UPDATE: (01/10/17) - An interesting 24 hours of weather in Mid-Michigan - with a dumping of snow, lots of rain and the promise of strong winds Tuesday night.


(01/09/16) - Road crews across the area have been keeping an eye on the forecast since the weekend. And Monday, in Genesee County and Saginaw County crews were out pretreating the roads.

"It's a salt, sand mix but it's mostly sand plus some other materials which will expand the envelope in which salt operated under," said director of the Genesee County Road Commission, John Daly.

The same sights in Saginaw County where, director Dennis Borchard, tells ABC 12 they've been pretreating today too.

As of Monday night, his crews are on standby with trucks loaded and ready for worsening conditions overnight. You can track where their plows by clicking the link attached to this page.

In Shiawassee County, director Brent Friess, says they're concerned about the gravel back roads with this storm. He says if they're frozen and the rain falls it can create some treacherous conditions.

At all six garages in Genesee County road supervisors will continually monitor conditions overnight.

"They will be out scouting out the road system to see when do we need to bring people on," said Daly.

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