Saginaw man dies after taking drugs ordered from China

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SAGINAW (WJRT) - (10/12/16) - A short time after ingesting drugs ordered from China, a Saginaw man collapsed and died, putting the spotlight on the dangers of ordering drugs online.

Police are still waiting for toxicology results to find out what exactly killed him, but law enforcement agencies are warning people that illegal Chinese suppliers have been sending deadly drugs into the country.

It was on Sept. 28 when 37-year-old Nicholas Boyles got a package delivered to his home in Saginaw. A short time after opening it, he was dead.

Boyles had lived in Flint, but recently moved to Saginaw and lived in an east side apartment complex. His roommate told police he ordered the drugs online from a Chinese company.

“As soon as he got it, he smoked some of the experimental drugs that came in the mail,” said Saginaw Police detective Jeff Doud.

Boyles became ill and neighbor David Faries noticed police and medical personnel at Boyles' apartment.

“Then they said he was in the room and they brought in the hallway to bring him back to life, but it was over,” Faries said.

Boyles was pronounced dead just hours later.

Doud says the package the drugs came in had Chinese lettering on it.

“Some of them were a hard kind of white rocky substance and some of them were a white powder, there were several different packages,” he said.

Autopsy results on Boyles are not complete, so it's not clear as to what drugs he took. The Michigan State Police is analyzing his computer to see where the experimental drugs came from.

Russ Baer, of the Drug Enforcement Administration, says while Mexican cartels continue to smuggle illegal opioids, like fentanyl, into the U.S., China is emerging as a global player in illegal drugs.

“We've seen China as a global player emerge over the last several years,” he said. “We've seen the rogue, black market chemists in China that are responsible for the clandestine manufacturing of these substances.”

Baer says U.S. and Chinese government officials are working together on the problem.

“DEA, we have boots on the ground in Shanghai,” he said.

Doud warns anyone ordering experimental drugs online of the consequences.

“It just comes in a package and there are no markings, no nothing. Obviously you don't know what you are smoking, what you are putting inside your body and obviously, it can be deadly,” he said.

Doud says this is a criminal investigation at this point, but he is waiting to see what killed Boyles before any criminal charges are pursued.

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