Snowfest ends Monday, carvings will last longer

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FRANKENMUTH (WJRT) - (01/29/17) - Mother Nature must be a Snowfest fan.

Temperatures dropped just in time for all the snow and ice carvings to be crafted without melting.

Visitors say the weather is just about right in Frankenmuth.

It's not too hot or too cold, so everyone from babies to grandparents are enjoying the festival.

Organizers say turnout has been strong.

"We believe yesterday was 50,000, we'll be over 100,000 maybe 125 and by the end of the week it will be nice and stay up, and we'll have had close to 200,000 people," said John Zehnder who is on the Zehnder's Snowfest committee.

Expect to see more people in Michigan's Little Bavaria even after it officially wraps up Monday.

That's because the snow and ice carvings will stick around, drawing more people to town.

And while this is a lot of fun for visitors, it's a lot of work for the carvers.

They're here to win money and bragging rights.

"Well, carvers, we critique ourselves pretty hard, especially here, the kids it's great to see them having fun. My teammate Robert did Sportle, the kids were enjoying that, and they liked my seahorse, which is always fun seeing the kids out having fun," said Jayme Slais, a first time carver from Henry Ford College.

The 26th annual Zehnder's Snowfest officially wraps up Monday with a "Chef's Hot Food Competition and Tasting" beginning at 6 p.m.

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