Second Chance Wood plans to build a $2.5 million facility

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DURAND (WJRT) - (10/28/16) - More than 50 new jobs are coming to Mid-Michigan.

Second Chance Wood plans to build a $2.5 million facility in Durand. The company is only six years old and is growing rapidly. When their new building opens late next summer, they plan to start hiring.

"We expect probably 53 new jobs in the next three years. We need a larger facility to do that, to meet the existing demand of restaurants, retail, house furniture, dining room table and bed sets that we already have," said Tadd Morris, the owner of Second Chance Wood.

The company is located in Vernon Township along M-71.

The building holds their showroom and work area where used wood is turning into beautiful furniture. It specializes in taking wood from old barns and recycling it to find all kinds of new uses for it.

Currently, there are 25 employees, but that could more than double after they open their new site in the Durand Industrial Park off of Durand Road. They hope to break ground in about 60 days. The new building will have twice as much space as they currently have.

The Michigan Economic Development Corporation will provide Second Chance Wood with a grant of up to $250,000 if the company carries through with plans to increase the payroll.

"The MEDC has come in to support this project with what they call their Business Development Program, so it will be a grant directly to Second Chance Wood as they grow. The value of the grant is based on the job creation of the project," said Brent Jones, vice president of the Shiawassee Economic Development Partnership.

Second Chance Wood will be the first tenant in the Durand Industrial Park. It's hoped their construction will spur other businesses to consider moving there.

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