POW: State police using creative short films to generate tips on social media

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FLINT (WJRT) - (12/27/16) - Creative crime videos circulating on the Internet are a new tactic by state police to catch criminals using your tips.

The eye-catching short films are working.

"It's the way you can reach the largest amount of people in the shortest amount of time," said Det./Tpr. Troy Bonadurer.

Bonadurer is with state police, but stationed at the Flint Police Department as part of the Secure Cities Partnership. He does just about everything related to surveillance footage, including editing the videos.

"Video out to the public rather than still photos receives much better feedback," Bonadurer said.

It starts with plain old surveillance video of a violent crime. Then, using an editing software from a company in Lansing, he adds music and graphics.

The graphics help explain certain important pieces of evidence the viewer should be looking for.

"When you use the video, you can pick up on a person's walk, mannerisms, the way they interact and just their general appearance," Bonadurer said.

He has done about a dozen videos in the last year for departments all over, including Davison Township and Saginaw. With the success so far, he's likely going to get busier.

"There isn't a video that we've produced and put out there that we haven't gotten feedback on," Bonadurer said.

He says more and more people are getting private home surveillance cameras. It's obviously great for security, but he says it can also cut down on your homeowners insurance too.

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