Store closing disrupts layaway plans in Flint

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FLINT (WJRT) - (10/27/16) - Terri Russell and her husband had done business at Advanced Auto Sound in Flint Township before, so they had confidence that something they put into layaway in October last year would be there when they came up with the money.

"My husband came in and he put some money down on some wheels and some rims as a gift for me," Russell said.

Through the next few months, they put money toward the purchase until they paid $700. They came up with the $600 needed to take the wheels and rims home, when their plans hit a roadblock.

"Come to find out the doors were locked and chained," Russell said.

She asked around and was able to locate the owner.

"He said he would make it right. He was very apologetic. He said he was sorry," Russell said.

A few weeks later, he changed his tune.

"Myself and my husband came up here to meet with him. He was emptying stuff out of the building. He sped out of the driveway," Russell said.

Russell wants her wheels and rims or her money back. She has spoken to the Consumer Fraud Division at the Genesee County Sheriff's Department.

"That made me really upset there because he needs to make this right. It was his business," Russell said.

The Federal Trade Commission has some tips for those who use layaway plans, especially with Christmas coming up.

- Keep good records.

- Know how much time you have to pay for the merchandise and when payments are due.

- Find out if you can get a refund if you change your mind.

- Check out the business. Call the Better Business Bureau or see if other people have complained about the business.

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