GOOD KIDS: Student donates entire savings to Dimes for Diapers

For months Julianna Tester made daily deposits into this coffee container. She was saving for something big.

"Any change we found we would put it in there until we had enough money to go to Florida," Julianna said.

In the middle of saving for her trip, her elementary school joined the ABC12 Dimes For Diapers Fundraiser. She had no idea how this would impact her until she talked to her mother. For the first time Julianna heard of her mother's struggles as a single mom.

"My friends and family donated their hand me downs, their cribs, their carseats, their bouncers and swings and everything you can possibly imagine for my daughter and I," Rose Tester, said.

What Julianna did next made her mom very proud.

"Because I know how much Universal studios and the harry potter exhibit is to her. "

The fourth grader donated the entire amount of her coffee container savings to Dimes for Diapers.

"Because you don't know what's going on in their life and you don't know how they are feeling and some people need stuff, Julianna said.
"as little as you have it's still a lot more than what other people have. We try to live by that and help others, Rose said.

(dawn) Julianna's class has raised more than $80 dollar - nearly half of that she donated. She's been trying to convince her peers to pay if forward too. She's learning it can be a difficult concept to grasp for most 9 year olds.

"I try to convince them, but they ignore me."

Brock Place is the principal at West Bendle he says Julianna is leading by example.

"it only takes one person to step up and make an example and she leads by example, he said.

Her mom could not be more proud.

"It makes me proud to know that I'm instilling in her the things that are important, the giving back to people that need it , you know because the lord always looks out for us one way or another so we will be fine."