Testimony against two brothers accused of human trafficking

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Flint (WJRT) (9/29/17) - Four women testified in a preliminary exam against two Mid-Michigan brothers, accusing them of human trafficking. Darryl and Chavez Miller face 24 felonies including prostitution, kidnapping and racketeering.

Three women admitted on the witness stand they were addicted to crack cocaine and heroin and that the Miller brothers forced them through intimidation and violence to continue a life of prostitution.

Darryl Miller, seen wearing the glasses and his brother Chavez Miller were arrested last November.

During a preliminary hearing before Genesee County District Judge Vikki Haley the women told they were afraid of the brothers and feared what would happen if they left.

They were drug addicts and said the Miller brothers would give them the crack and heroin they craved if they would continue their life of prostitution. They could not keep the money they made through prostitution, however.

One woman said Darryl threatened her with a gun.

"My sister took off one time and he told me he was going to kill me if I didn't tell him where she was. He held it to my head from our house to Pierson Road," she said.

Another woman who lived in the house on Mandeville Road in Flint Township where much of the prostitution is said to have happened told of another violent time.

"He beat her all the way home in the back seat. I mean, I was tempted to like stop the car, jump out and ask for help. I was scared of those guys. Scared of them," she said.

Another woman was assaulted when she didn't want to perform a sex act.

"Like, being Tased, or being hit in the stomach or hit in the head," she said.

Other witnesses are expected to testify when the preliminary exam continues.

The two brothers are being held in the Genesee County Jail.

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