Vassar Theater to turn 80 years old

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VASSAR (WJRT) - (12/28/16) - It's hard to believe, but a Mid-Michigan movie theater will turn 80 in a few months.

While there are many forms of entertainment available today, the theater still draws a crowd.

The Vassar Theater is preparing to show the movie Sing. Before the movie starts, kids and adults can grab some costumes and props and pretend they're part of the movie. The whole theater is in a happy mood before the film even starts.

"We do have dress up for the children and the adults. They love it to take pictures," said Andreas Fuchs, Vassar Theater co-owner.

That gives you an idea of steps Andreas Fuchs and his wife will take to make sure customers have an enjoyable, out-of-the ordinary time here.

"We're very fortunate to have people who come from far to come and see a movie here because they heard about it from friend," said Fuchs.

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