Water bill reimbursements will continue in Flint as long as people keep paying

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FLINT (WJRT) - (01/03/17) - The State of Michigan is committing to continue reimbursing Flint residents for a percentage of their water bills, but there are some conditions with the offer.

The city has to make sure 70 percent, or as close to that number, of people are paying their water/sewer bills.

For months, city officials been working to encourage more people to pay for the water that they do use.

It's unclear what the collection rate is right now.

For the customers who pay, they get 65 percent of water charges on their utility bill. The most recent extension of the program applies through March 31, 2017.

The reimbursement money comes out of $30 million the state set aside for water credits.

Residents and businesses are not immune to shutoff notices if they don't pay; the last couple of months, we have seen apartment complexes facing shutoffs and even evictions.

Just before Christmas, final notices went out to people who owe hundreds, even thousands, on their water bills. If those customers don't come up with 10 percent of the overdue amount and payment for the current bill, shutoffs could start this month.

The city is asking anyone who is in financial trouble to come to Flint City Hall to work out a payment plan to avoid being put on the shutoff list.

Customers can also call the service center at 810-766-7015.

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