UPDATE: Water leak forces tenants out, local agences lend a hand

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FLINT (WJRT) - (01/11/17) - An update now on help for the displaced apartment residents forced out - because of a large water leak.

We first told you about the issue at Ballenger Manor Tuesday night at 11.

It was so bad the Flint Fire Department had to shut down the water and electricity in building A.

We've since learned several area agencies are reaching out to lend a hand.

The United Way is helping the 5 families affected with housing for 10 days paying for their temporary stay elsewhere.

Several other local agencies are also involved.

The owner of the apartment complex has yet to comment.

(01/10/17) - A water leak forces the Flint Fire Department to shut the water off to part of Ballenger Manor Apartments leaving seven people, including children, worried about where to stay and how to save their belongings.

A viewer shared a video with us Tuesday evening showing water pouring from the ceiling of a third floor unit in Building A.

It's leaking over and through electrical units so the Flint Battalion Chief explains they had no choice but to cut electricity to the building too.

The fire department found out about the problem after a resident called 911 about the leak.

Dispatch was unable to get in contact with anyone in charge at the complex for a fix.

The Battalion Chief said it was a serious safety hazard.

Without communication from the apartment owner, supervisor, or maintenance it's hard to know a timeline for the repair or how much of a loss it will be for the people displaced.

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