Flint residents file class action lawsuit against Governor Snyder

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FLINT (WJRT) (11/16/15) - Governor Snyder and more than a dozen other state and city officials are facing a class action lawsuit.

Monday morning a group of Flint residents announced the filing.

They're claiming high lead levels in the city's water caused physical and psychological damage.

The complaint accuses 14 state and city officials of switching off of the Detroit water system solely for financial reasons.

It even claims the decision makers knew the Flint River was a highly toxic alternative for residents.

The law firms representing the Flint residents in this case are looking for other people to join the suit.

Contact information is listed below.

Law Firm of Pitt McGehee Palmer & River P.C.

Goodman & Hurwitz P.C.
(313) 567-6170

Trachelle Young
(810) 239-6302

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