Concerned Pastors for Social Action hold rally about Flint water

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FLINT (WJRT) - (09/28/15) - Local religious leaders held a protest and rally in downtown Flint over the city's water worries.

The Concerned Pastors for Social Action gathered for the rally on Monday morning.

They are demanding that the city returns to using Detroit Water immediately.

If that does not happen, the pastors plan to begin large scale protests both in Flint and Lansing.

This is all in response to last week's announcement by Virginia Tech and Hurley Medical Center that high levels of lead have been found in blood samples from children.

Hurley has said blood-lead levels have doubled following the switch from Detroit water to water coming from the Flint River.

Friday, the city of Flint put out a lead advisory for all residents.

The Concerned Pastors have been busy passing out water filters to hundreds of residents. They plan to continue doing so until a change is made.

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