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ABC12 TV troubleshooting

Your television has suddenly begun speaking Spanish. Why? We have the answer for most viewers here.

Why is my TV speaking Spanish?

Accessing your options through SAP and closed captioning.

Viewers are asking us, "Why is my ABC programming being broadcast in Spanish?" There are two ways to answer this: you may be receiving actual Spanish dubbing or you may be receiving Spanish on your closed captioning.

First, let's talk about dubbing, or hearing the actors and commentators in Spanish. On ABC, "Desperate Housewives," "Lost," "George Lopez" and other programs are dubbed into Spanish, as are the network's theatrical movie premieres and some specials.

If you are hearing these programs in Spanish, but want to hear them in English, you need to change the SAP option on your TV. (SAP stands for secondary audio program.) Most stereo televisions and VCRs manufactured after 1994 have SAP options. Even if you have a newer model TV, SAP will not be available if your set has mono sound.

Every set is different. Some have a button on the front or back of the set itself that turns the SAP on and off. For most sets, SAP is controlled through a menu using the remote control. Consult your user's manual for secondary audio programming directions.

Before trying to change the SAP, be sure you're controlling your TV set with the remote and not the VCR.

Some remote controllers have a button on them labeled "MTS", "SAP", or "Audio Select". Try pressing this button in succession to cycle through the various audio modes.

If there is no button on the remote control, press the "MENU" button to bring up your television's on-screen menu and look for options like "Setup", "Audio Setup", or "Audio" to find the selections available for MTS, or SAP.

Now let's address Spanish closed captioning. The rest of ABC's primetime entertainment schedule is available with closed-captioned subtitles in Spanish. Viewers can access this option by finding the letters CC on their remote control itself or in the Menu of the remote control. You can there choose text in English or Spanish. Generally, the Spanish option is available when you select CC3.

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