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Surviving victims identify Abuelazam as attacker

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(05/11/12) - Four people have identified Elias Abuelazam as the attacker in stabbings from the summer of 2010.

This during day four of testimony in his murder trial in Genesee County.

The victim in this case is Arnold Minor.

Friday, we heard from a woman with Darwin Marshall.  He was murdered the week before Minor in Flint.

She said Abuelazam pulled up near them, Marshall was on the passenger side of the "truck" as Abuelazam got out and walked around to him.

After he drove off?

"At first I thought Money (Marshall) got in the car with him. But he didn't.  I was standing there and when I looked on the ground he was shaking and choking on blood," says Shomari Williams.

Williams, in prison now, said she took drugs out of his pocket and took off.

She admits to being high on crack that day.  She was also drinking alcohol.

Williams told defense attorneys she never saw Abuelazam actually stab Marshall.

We then heard from three surviving victims.

They all identified Abuelazam as their attacker.

Prosecutors are allowed to use these other victims to show some sort of pattern or plan.

"He was having car problems or motor problems or something," says Richard Booker.

He was stabbed mid July, in Genesee Township, in 2010.

Booker says he fought off his attacker and took off.

"It may sound crazy, but I think God carried me home," he says.

He identified Abuelazam as his attacker when police brought him a picture of Abuelazam the following month.

Booker also identified him in court Friday.

"I've relived the whole thing almost everyday since it happened," Booker says.

He says he has no doubt it was Abuelazam who stabbed him.

"He pulled up to me and asked to help pop hood of car," says Antwoine Marshall.

Marshall was stabbed in Flint late July 2010.

Marshall says after he was attacked, after easing away from the SUV he was working on because something didn't feel right, he fell to the ground with his eyes open and played dead.

When he got up?

He says he saw his attacker driving away.

"I feel dizzy.  I start running.  My stomach just starts shaking.  I knew something wasn't right," Marshall says.

When police came to him with a photo line-up early August, in 2010, he picked Abuelazam.  Marshall also identified him in court Friday.

So did Davon Rawls.  He was stabbed in Flint in July of 2010.

Rawls was visibly upset after testifying Friday.

"I really don't know what to think.  That smile right there really irritated me," he says.

Abuelazam has been smiling often in court throughout his trial.

Rawls says he was smiling at him during his testimony.

Defense attorneys really got on these men about their initial attacker descriptions.

All described him as smaller and, in some instances, white..

We could hear from additional victims next week.

Prosecutors could wrap up on their end Tuesday or Wednesday.

Then the defense takes over.

They do have the option of using an insanity defense.

"The defense would have to go forward with an expert witness who says he's not criminally responsible because he's insane," says Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton.

"We would then re butt that testimony with our own witnesses, a psychiatrist and two psychologists, all three of whom would say he is criminally responsible and he is not insane. He's just evil."

We also heard from a Michigan State Police Trooper Elizabeth Hunt, Friday, who analyzed internet searches and history on a laptop Abuelazam was known to use.

Hunt says someone, using two email addresses connected to accounts registered to Abuelazam, searched stabbings, Flint homicides and other crime related topics multiple times.

Testimony continues Tuesday.

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