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Presidential campaign starts to ramp up

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(09/07/12) - The race to White House is in the home stretch now that the national conventions are over. President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney will hit the campaign trail hard over the next 60 days. Voters go to the polls on Nov. 6.

Both sides claim the conventions rallied their respective bases and got people excited for the Election Day push.

"After listening to the President's speech last night and President Clinton's on Wednesday, I think the enthusiasm level has really ramped up," said Art Reyes, Genesee County Democratic Party Chair.

Coming off the national convention high, both sides of the aisle feel they have an advantage.

"I think either for the President or against him, and whatever undecided there are will vote for Romney," said Tim Kelly, candidate for the 94th district house seat. 

Kelly doesn't think the GOP nominee will have any trouble rallying voters to support the ticket. "I think the President has a bigger hurdle than Mitt Romney quite frankly he's got three and half years almost four years of failure to overcome and I think we have offered the right kind of solutions to get the economy going and get people working again and get America growing."

Democrats say the President has put America on a path toward prosperity and voters should give him a second term despite the high unemployment rate.

"I may not have more money in my pocket right now than I did in 2008, but my prospects for next week are a whole lot better. When you take a look at the turnaround in Michigan that is as much a product of the national economy as it is anything else. People are now buying GM and Chrysler and they have that opportunity because of President Obama."

Both parties can agree that the race is far from over and that every vote will count. Party Chair Reyes says they are working on getting the President to visit Genesee County before election day. 

University of Michigan Flint economics professor Chris Douglas believes the race for the White House will come down to the economy. The most recent jobs report came out today with less than a 100,000 jobs created in the month of August. 

Douglas said with those kind of bleak numbers, the incumbent President would be pretty rough shape but that's not necessarily the case. He thinks the attack ads painting Romney as a job out-sourcer when he was with Bain Capital might find an audience among those who are out of work. 

"There are two ways Obama can win, either voters like him, get his positives up or voters dislike Romney and get his negatives up that's going to be tough for Obama to get his positives up when the economy is in such rough shape and won't get better by November so the alternative is get voters upset about Romney. Romney has to make the case that the attacks on Bain Capital are incorrect, that he's not a job out-sourcer."

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