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Men go through "the change" too!

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(09/26/12) - Women are not the only ones who go through "the change". It's called MAN-o-pause, and it can wreak havoc on a man's mind and body.

But, there is a solution that is working for some men.

For Popeye, all it took was some spinach. But for other guys, it isn't enough to get their mojo back!

One man says, "I was listless, un-energetic."

Another revealed he suffered from "depression, lethargic, lack of focus."

These are among the common symptoms of man-o-pause, or andropause.

Dr. Karron Power, of the Youth Renewal Center says, "often I hear, they've lost their edge."

Lost it, she says, because they've lost their testosterone. "It really starts from the early 20's on."

Typically, most symptoms don't appear until men reach their 40's or 50's. To top that off, Dr. Power says, many men are misdiagnosed.

She reveals that the severe change in her husband's own mental state almost cost the doctor her marriage. "It was obviously a problem when he got his own apartment."

A blood test showed her 40-year-old husband, Oliver, had the testosterone level of a 70-year old.

Oliver, and many other men have found a way to fight back. They inject themselves twice a week with testosterone replacement therapy. They are getting their energy levels back, losing weight, are sleeping better and have increased sex drives.

Still, Powers cautions, there are downsides. "Testosterone is a very powerful tool it makes a huge difference in a man's health, his quality of life and how he looks. However, you have to respect the hormones."

"It's not a magic bullet. I still have to eat right. I still have to exercise," Oliver says.

But the injections are giving him a much needed boost. "It's like I got my mojo back."

Harvard researchers estimate up to 6 million men suffer from low testosterone, but only 5 percent realize it's a treatable problem. Other studies find men with lower levels of testosterone have a higher risk of death from heart disease and cancer than men with higher levels.

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