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'Goose Busters' taking on dirty birds in Mid-Michigan

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FENTON (WJRT) - (06/17/14) - Canada geese are a frequent nuisance. They can overrun golf courses and make beaches less enjoyable. A Holly company is "encouraging" the birds to re-locate.

Just before 5:30 in the morning, the Goose Busters swooped in like Seal Team Six. No blood was spilled, but some feathers were lost. Chris Compton led his small team of herders along the banks of the Fenton Mill Pond.

"As long as you're calm, they're usually calm and you can walk them. You can herd them just about like cattle," Compton said.

The herd is headed for a temporary pen, unaware their freedom will be compromised in a few moments. By the time they realize they're trapped, it's too late. The city of Fenton hired Goose Busters because the geese had become a hazard.

"The DNR says they have four to seven pounds of feces a day per goose. Do the math and that's quite a bucket," Compton said.
It isn't just unsightly - what geese leave behind can be unhealthy, too.

"They're messy and the feces cause e-coli in the water," Compton said.
The captive geese are put in holding cells. They'll have a bond hearing - of sorts - up north.

"I will release them in a state game area," Compton said.

Goose Busters usually work in the pre-dawn hours, but even at that time of day, they sometimes run across people who don't appreciate what they do.

"Every once in a while there are a few that do. But as you can tell, we're not hurting them. We're just relocating them. Put them in the trailer, they'll be released in about three hours," Compton said.

About 85 geese were rounded up, Tuesday. All but two remain to enjoy the sweet taste of freedom.

The DNR keeps a close watch on goose herders, and since they're only allowed to do this for 18 days in June, this is their busiest time of the year.

"Basically we do the whole lower peninsula," Compton said.
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