Frankenmuth teen urges community to address issue of racism

The 19 year old wrote a letter to editor of local newspaper
Frankenmuth teen wants local officials to speak out against racism
Frankenmuth teen wants local officials to speak out against racism
Published: Jul. 1, 2020 at 6:56 PM EDT
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FLINT, Mich. (WJRT) (07/01/2020)-”I’d say two weeks after George Floyd was murdered, so this was the height of everything that was happening on social media. The black lives matter movement was amplified as loud as it could possibily be and I was just very upset as I drove through town and there was no support voiced whatsoever,”said 19 year old activist, Elise Schmidt.

That's when Elise Schmidt decided to turn that disappointment into action.

“Frankenmuth means courage and I think that’s something we are forgeting in times like this,” Schmidt said.

“I think it’s awesome that our community was able to come together as much as they were and donate so many things to the class of 2020 and change all their signs and voice their support, that’s amazing. I love living in a community that does that, but at the same time, why do we turn around actively ignore a modern day civil rights movement?” She said.

The Frankenmuth teen wrote a letter to the editor of Frankenmuth News, one that she also shared with local officials-- urging them to use their platform to address the issue of racism.

“They were very receptive to the fact that we are doing nothing and we do need to change,” Schmidt said.

ABC12 also reached out to Mayor, Chamber of Commerce CEO and City Manager. We are still waiting to hear back from anyone.

In the meantime, Schmidt said she will continue to try to push for change in her community- that includes taking part in a black lives matter rally in Frankenmuth this Friday at noon.

“It is going to be a very long uphill battle, I believe just because as a community, we are very stuck in our ways, she said.

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