Family health concerns prompt Flint Township mother to consider homeschooling

Published: Jul. 2, 2020 at 5:34 PM EDT
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FLINT TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WJRT) - A Flint Township mother is strongly considering homeschooling for her 11-year-old son, who is about to start sixth grade.

Not only is she concerned for his overall health, but the health of her 2-year-old daughter, her older son and herself.

Peyton Horton, 2, is cute as a button. She’s a happy-go-lucky little girl on the outside, but unfortunately the same can’t be said for what’s going on inside.

“She was born with one kidney and something’s wrong with that kidney, and around Thanksgiving she had two major surgeries back to back,” said mother Aqueya Langston.

That’s only the beginning for Langston. Her two sons have asthma and Aqueya is diabetic, which is why she’s strongly considering homeschooling for 11-year-old son.

“I don’t want to send him to school and risk his life or him bringing anything back to us,” she said.

On top of that, she’s concerned about her middle schooler having to wear a mask with asthma.

“It’s just too much. He’s not going to wear the mask, he’s not going to wash his hands, he’s going to want to interact with his friends, he’s going to want to be around his friends and touch things and touch his face,” Langston said.

It’s been an incredibly stressful time for her, but she knows that having him at home for school would help ease some of her anxiety -- not just about his health, but for her other children as well.

“These kids are probably scared of the COVID too, so how do you expect them to go to school and fully function and learn,” Langston said.

A tough decision for this mother of three she hopes she only has to make once.

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