Why are face masks important? Just ask Bill Nye

Published: Jul. 9, 2020 at 4:12 PM EDT
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(Gray News) – It’s maybe no surprise that Bill Nye is keeping health and social distancing entertaining during the pandemic.

The “Science Guy” is out with a couple of face mask videos on TikTok that have captured the attention of millions.

In one, he asks the question: Why do doctors and scientists want you to wear a face mask when you’re out in public?

"Face masks like this one prevent particles from my respiratory system from getting into the air and then into your respiratory system," Nye says answering his own question.

He then goes on to show how different things block airflow, including a scarf and a homemade face mask.

Nye then ups his game in a second video, switching to an N95 respirator, where he shows it blocks even more air. These face masks are used in the medical community.

“Everybody, this is literally a matter of life and death,” Nye says in his plea. “So, when you’re out in public, please wear a mask.”

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