Flint attorney offers advice for tenants, landlords ahead of eviction moratorium being lifted

Published: Jul. 14, 2020 at 5:09 PM EDT
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FLINT, Mich. (WJRT) - Right now, it is the calm before the storm. The state, just a day away from the moratorium on evictions being lifted. But legal experts say there are things landlords and tenants can do to avoid having the courts get involved.

“When you think about that, you may ask well what can I do? Is there a payment plan with your landlord? Instead of waiting for an eviction notice to come, you want to be proactive,” said Flint attorney Charis Lee.

If a payment plan isn’t in the works, Lee said tenants and landlords may want to consider the state’s eviction diversion program, which will provide 50 million dollars in payment assistance.

That program will begin July 16.

“It’s more so like an ecosystem. There are landlords who really totally live off their rental properties, so if you have three rental properties and say you get $3,000 a month to take care of your bills. Well if you don’t get that for 4 months, that’s $12,000,” she said.

Lee called the program a good start, and is going in the right direction, but she doesn’t believe the $50 million will be enough, which is why she really urges both tenants and landlords to exhaust other options before pursuing legal action.

“I can imagine the rush for the court system, that there will be lots of people on both sides to get relief, and we know that the courts are back to work, but it’s still kind of slow.”

For more information on the Eviction Diversion Program, click this link:

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