Mid-Michigan mother desperate for return of stolen charm containing daughter’s ashes

Published: Aug. 1, 2020 at 6:59 PM EDT
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FLINT TWP, Mich. (WJRT) (08/01/2020)-A heartbreaking story about a necklace that was stolen from a Flint Township repair shop. It looks like a simple silver necklace with a charm. But the jewelry is irreplaceable to a local mother.

Novie Teeple has already endured an unthinkable loss: having to say goodbye to her beautiful three year old daughter Isabella. Her little girl has medical conditions and died in 2017 after getting sick. Now, she says that pain has come rushing back.

“I felt like I lost her all over again,” related Teeple. “Like someone stole her from underneath me.”

That's because someone did steal the one piece of Isabella Novie had left.

“I chose to get her cremated necklace w/her ashes put in it,” explained Teeple.

She says she carried the charm everywhere. It’s silver with flowers and an orange and yellow butterfly that reminds her Isabella is “in god’s presence.” She left it in her car when she was having it repaired at Muffler Man in Flint Township. When she went to pick it up a week and a half later, it was missing.

“Someone had rummaged through it,” said Teeple. “Someone took it.”

Muffler Man says it’s unfortunate this happened. The Corunna Road store had a rash of break ins in their gated lot and police are investigating. The company says a sign is posted reminding customers the company is not responsible for personal items left in the vehicle. A fact that does little to comfort a mother who just wants to hold onto this priceless memory of her daughter.

“I just want the ashes back,” pleaded Teeple. “No one gets in trouble. I would like to get my daughter’s charm back with her ashes in it.”

If you have any information about this missing charm, contact ABC 12.

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