Absentee voting surges ahead of this year’s presidential election

Published: Aug. 3, 2020 at 9:29 PM EDT
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FLINT, Mich. (WJRT) - (08/03/2020) - We are three months away from the 2020 presidential race.

Before that election, however, there many local races and proposals being voted on Tuesday.

Election officials are bracing for an avalanche of mail-in ballots.

Two years ago, voters approved Proposal 3, allowing anyone to vote absentee without a reason.

Combined with the coronavirus outbreak, has led to a large increase in the number of absentee voters.

“That has gone from roughly 3500 before May of this year, up to know we’re close to 9400,” said Grand Blanc Township Clerk Cathy Lane.

So, what systems are in place to protect the voting process?

“You have to apply for an absentee ballot first. And, when we get that back, and only when we get that application back, can we verify your name, your address, your date of birth, and your signature to our master card,” added Lane.

According to the Heritage Foundation, since 2012, there have been only 4 cases related to absentee voter fraud in Michigan.

Oregon, which has had absentee voting since 1998, only 14 cases were documented.

There are three very important things you need to do if you’re voting absentee or in person.

The first is to fill out both sides of your ballot.

The second is to make sure you vote for only one party.

Otherwise, your ballot will be spoiled and not counted.

And third, make sure you sign the back of the envelope.

“Use a black or a blue ink pen. Don’t use white out. Don’t use crosses and check marks. Simply use the rectangle and fill it in,” commented Lane.

Only ballots received by the time polls close at 8pm on Election Day will count.

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