Overgrown Flint intersection a cause for concern among people who live nearby

Published: Aug. 4, 2020 at 5:15 PM EDT
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FLINT, Mich. (WJRT) - An overgrown intersection in Flint is causing a lot of safety concerns for neighbors. It’s at Winsford Byway and Pierson Road.

“For as much as I’ve complained, If I get hit up here before it’s cleared out, I will sue because they’re aware of it,” said Annette Reynolds, who lives nearby.

Reynolds has tried and tried to get the city of Flint to clear the overgrown trees and brush for over a year now.

“It’s just a bunch of overgrowth and I just want somebody to come and clear so people can see beyond that,” she said.

Reynolds has been told several times the city was going to take care of it. Most recently, she said the city was out Tuesday morning and that it would be taken care of by Thursday or Friday.

"You pull out, there's going to be an accident there, you can't stop in time once you're already out there."

Because the area is residential, the speed limit there is 25 mph. Reynolds said on a given day, drivers will easily do 45-50 mph, making the intersection that much more dangerous.

She's surprised there hasn't been an accident there yet and hopes it stays that way.

“It’s the city of Flint’s property, keep it up. We have to. We get cited if our yards aren’t kept up, if there’s debris and if there’s cars that are abandoned. Why aren’t they held up?”

We reached out to the city’s Street Maintenance division to see if the city does plan to clear the trees and brush later this week.

Our call was not returned.

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