Family 2,000 miles apart still running in the Crim together

Cantor family may be far apart but the Crim has brought them together
Published: Aug. 22, 2020 at 5:52 PM EDT
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FLINT, Mich. (WJRT) - Mary Cantor’s parents have been running in the Crim since before she could walk, so you can say the Crim is apart of her.

After she moved to Arizona, Mary saw the virtual Crim as an opportunity to run with her family. again.

“Since I was a kid my mom talked about me as a 1 year old on the sidelines watching her run. I did the Teddy Bears when I was young. I did some teddy bear trouts when I was young. I did the 1 mile as I got older. Then as I became a serious runner, I did the 10-mile when I was able to do that. So the Crim has been apart of my life for most of my life.”

Mary hasn’t been apart of the Crim the past couple of years because she moved Tuscson, Arizona.

Once, she found out this years run was virtual, it was no-brainer for her.

Mary even convinced her husband, Jacob Wingate, to run in his first Crim, despite having to doing it in the desert heat.

“We were just looking at the temperatures. We’re wishing we were in Flint right now,” said Jacob.

Though she will be doing the Crim almost 2,000 miles away, she still feels a strong connection to the event.

“My family is really involved in the Crim. My dad walks it every year. My mom is a Crim training group leader and has been for years. I think the Flint running community exist because of the Crim,” said Mary.

Mary’s parents, Ruth and Michael Cantor, are just happy to have the family running together just like Crim’s of the past.

“My favorite Crim’s are the races, I been able to do with our daughters Mary and Matiline. By far bar none those are my favorite Crim experiences,” said Ruth.

It will be a different experience for the Cantor with the race being virtual, cut one they’ll cherish.

“To see them go into and for our older daughters to develop a lifestyle of running and you give them good habits,” said Michael.

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