MSU student living off campus hopeful others will practice safe measures, adhere to quarantining

The Ingham County Health Department's emergency order that all sororities and fraternities self...
The Ingham County Health Department's emergency order that all sororities and fraternities self quarantine follow a surge of coronavirus cases tied to MSU over the last three weeks.(WJRT)
Published: Sep. 15, 2020 at 6:15 PM EDT
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EAST LANSING, Mich. (WJRT) - Just two days after Michigan State University strongly recommended local students quarantine following a spike in COVID-19 cases, a mandatory order from the Ingham County Health Department that all sorority and fraternity houses self-quarantine until Sep. 28.

“I’m just nervous that people aren’t going to be taking it seriously, and that it’s going to drag out even longer, when it’s already been long enough,” said MSU student Faelan O’Brien.

O’Brien is not a member of greek life at MSU, but said it makes sense that the health department issued the emergency order Monday.

“I think it’s completely necessary, just because there’s so many people living in those houses, and them wanting to have people over. And that’s like greek life culture always having people over,” she said.

The more the merrier is not so much here. Ingham County saw a 52 percent increase in coronavirus cases since August 24. At least 342 cases have been tied to MSU in those 3 weeks.

“What do you expect when kids are having to pay full rent and be here, but they’re not going to want to be cooped up in their houses. I get it. We have to be smart and diligent about things,” O’brien added.

Which is why she and her roommates have all gotten tested for COVID-19 and have been self quarantining prior to the school’s recommendation.

“Our school’s the only one that’s all online, like not doing any hybrid mix, but we’re still having cases and they’re going up and it shouldn’t be like this,” she said.

MSU’s strong recommendation that all local MSU students self quarantine will expire September 26, while the Ingham County Health Department’s emergency order that all fraternities and sororities quarantine will expire September 28.

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