Some parents concerned as Bay City Public Schools returns to the classroom

Published: Sep. 23, 2020 at 5:30 PM EDT
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BAY CITY, Mich. (WJRT) - (09/23/2020)

After nearly 5 hours of discussion, Bay City Public School students are headed back to the classroom, earlier than anticipated.

Last night, the board of education voted unanimously on a hybrid plan. K-8 will start coming back into the classroom on October 12th. High School will follow on October 19th. We spoke to one parent who has some concerns about the early return. Heather Bonsky watched the five hour meeting unfold last night waiting to see if her elementary school student and her middle school student would return to the classroom.

“First of all, I mean I want the kids in school, I want my kids in school so I’m not saying not to send them,” said Bonksy.

Around 11:30 she got her answer.

“I listened to the whole meeting a lot of people came on and said well we have limited custodians, PPE is not in yet, everything’s not installed. The schools not ready,” said Bonsky. “So all these issues were coming up, and then all of a sudden, at 11:30 they said okay we’re going to start on the 12th and the 19th which I wouldn’t have a problem with, if they had all those other issues addressed beforehand.”

Heather’s son Zachary Dudas has an immune system disorder and she wasn’t thrilled with what she heard during the meeting.

“The superintendent mentioned a couple times throughout the meeting that middle school and high school, that social distancing is going to be not possible. So that tells me they’re not willing to shrink the class sizes,” said Bonsky.

Her son is excited to return but there’s one thing on his mind.

“They better have social distancing and wear face masks all the time,” said Dudas.

Bay City Public School board of education says that students that opted to enroll in the virtual program will have to remain learning remotely until the end of the semester and the students who did not, will return to face to face on October 12 or 19th.

Ben Short has a nephew that attends Mackensen Elementary School.

He said, “Kids do need the individual attention, they’ve always needed it and parents got to realize that that has to happen.”

“I understand it’s a challenge. They’ve had since June to be planning how to social distance these kids. What have they been doing?,” said Bonsky.

The board of education will have another meeting on September 28th with an update on how they plan to keep students safe.

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